Nikola Metulev

Engineering Engagement and Evangelism (EEE) programs Lead

Microsoft, USA

Georgiy Mogelashvili

Leading developer

Booking.com, Netherlands

Georgiy Mogelashvili works in the largest hotel booking company, does programming with Perl and makes the world a little better. His first programming language C ++ George learned back in the year 2000, using Deytela and Deytela book . He later switched to C # and .NET Framework, with which he worked professionally for about 10 years . With the popularity of cloud technology , he made emphasis on the Microsoft Azure platform and received the title of Microsoft MVP among those who use it.

Olanovskiy Dmitriy

Head of Project Management


Dmitry is responsible for project management , namely the integration of product , technical advice and demonstration , training and support of customers from the date of purchase of the product to the date the commercial launch .

Dmitry Nikonov

Innovative technologies Vice-President

VIAcode, USA

Dmitriy Nikonov, an expert in tools and methodologies of software development, and design, architecture and monitoring distributed systems. During years of work in the IT industry, Dmitry held various positions at such leading companies as Microsoft and Amazon: was the lead for collecting, processing and analyzing large data (Business Intelligence, Big Data) in department of Online Services Division, manager for development tools of Visual Studio Team System and Head of development. In VIAcode Dmitry continues to pursue the development of unique expert systems of monitoring of applications productivity and their integration with Microsoft System Center, Visual Studio and other products Microsoft. Dmitriy Nikonov is unchanged speaker of such conferences as "Platform", "Developer Days», TechEd, Professional Development Conference (Build). He taught at the University of Washington (University of Washington) object-oriented programming technology and .NET.

Sergii Pugachov

Technical solutions consultant

Google, Russia

From the end of 2014 Sergey Pugachev works for Google, and is responsible for partner's support in monetization platforms area. Before that, he worked for Microsoft for more than four years. Author of books on developing applications for Windows and Windows Phone. He was a speaker at numerous conferences, including all DevCon, TechEd Russia, Patterns & Practices Summit and others. In 2009-2012 was Microsoft MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional).

Laurent Ellerbach

Technical Evangelist

Microsoft, Central & Eastern Europe

Laurent Elerbah is working in a team of Strategic Studies of Central and Eastern Europe and working with IT Pro and developers. He is responsible for the technical audience (professional developers, engineering students and IT specialists). He manages the remote Teamsin more then 30 Central and Eastern Europe countries. Laurent holds an engineer degree of ParisTech Arts et Métiers (France) and a degree in marketing ESCP Europe. He loves technology and marketing. He also conducts marketing courses at HEC and other business - schools, as well as in Microsoft. He is a happy father of two boys. Laurent is also a fan of Lego, cheese and good wine

Anton Moldovan

Solution Architect

E&Y Poland

I work primarily with the .NET technology stack, and specialize in accelerated code production via code generation (static or dynamic), aspect-oriented programming, domain-specific languages. Research interests: compilers, virtual machines, runtimes, code generation, parallel, concurrent and asynchronous data processing, performance optimizations.

Sergii Baidachnyi

Technical Evangelist

Microsoft, Canada

Works in the field of software development for over 12 years, where he had experience in the development of many software projects. Author of several books related to the platform .NET. The main hobby - fishing

Nick Landry

Senior Technical Evangelist


Nick Landry (@ActiveNick) is a mobility pioneer and former entrepreneur specializing in cross-platform mobile app development for Windows, iOS and Android devices. Nick works at Microsoft as a Senior Technical Evangelist in the New York Metro area. He spent most his career in IT consulting, software and services companies across various technical and business roles, designing, building, managing and selling innovative software products and solutions for the world’s top brands and Fortune 500 companies. Known for his dynamic and engaging style, he is a frequent speaker at major software development conferences worldwide, was a 10-year Microsoft MVP awarded on Windows Phone Development, and a Nokia Developer Ambassador & Champion. With over 23 years of professional experience, Nick is a certified developer and software architect by trade and specializes in Cross-Platform Mobility, GIS, Cloud, IoT and Mobile Game Development. He is an active blogger, occasional author, avid gamer, loving husband and proud father.

Volodymyr Yunev

Technical Evangelist

Microsoft, Russia

Volodymyr Yunev - Certified Application Developer with more than 12 - years of experience. Works in the department of strategic technologies, Microsoft, Russia, responsible for using cloud technologies in web applications, services, and mobile clients. Regular participant and organizer of many Russian IT - conferences, author of Web application development platform ASP.NET. In the developers community known by the nickname XaocCPS

Alan Mendelevich


AdDuplex, Lithuania

Alan Mendelevich - fonder and company director at AdDuplex, leading banner exchange network for Windows Phone and Windows store applications. During 15 years, before creating AdDuplex Alan was programming, taking part in development and Implementation of such projects as How amCharts, SPAW Editor and others. His free time from developing AdDuplex Alan spends in Twitter, where he can be found under @ailon nick name

Andriy Ivashentsev

Technical evangelism Lead

Microsoft, Russia

Andrew Ivashentsev is responsible for working with Russian audiences of developers and IT professionals in a variety of areas ranging from cloud services and the Internet of Things, to gaming development and optimization of IT infrastructures

Larry Lieberman

Principal PM Manager

Microsoft, США

Twitter: @larryalieberman Blog: www.larrylieberman.com

Anton Boyko

Microsoft Azure MVP

Founder and main speaker of Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Community. Microsoft Azure developer and Microsoft Azure technical expert with more than 4 years of experience. Has over 10 years of software development experience. In his free time filling his YouTube channel with interesting videos about cloud technology. Interested in everything about Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure MVP awardee since 2014. Social media links: https://www.facebook.com/boyko.ant https://twitter.com/BoykoAnt https://plus.google.com/+AntonBoyko85/posts https://www.youtube.com/user/boykoant https://www.linkedin.com/in/boykoant

Sergey Poplavskiy

Microsoft Azure specialist

Microsoft, Ukraine

Sergey Poplavskiy is Microsoft Ukraine representative responsible for technical support of software developers on Microsoft Azure platform and Developer Tools in Ukraine. During his tenure, he delivered more than 40 deep technical training on these topics, was part of development team in several projects based on Microsoft Azure platform and have deep practical experience in implementation and deployment solutions based on this platform. Sergey has many years .Net programming experience using Visual Studio, implemented several own applications for Windows Phone, Windows and Azure platforms.